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Merry Christmas from Dixie and Tinker Belle’s

Its time again for Dixie and Tink to wish everyone a Happy Holidays. Yeah, they know its corny but its their way of wishing everybody a “Merry Christmas” from Mayrath Video Solutions!!

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Taking care of your Home Media while Stalling to Convert them

Jpeg When you come across your home media, ( video or audio tape, photos, slides, negatives, along with 8 and 16mm film), while cleaning out attics, closets, garages, etc. the best thing to do is right then and there take them to a reputable company and get them converted to DVD or Digital File. But we all know that, “just ain’t gonna happen”. So here are a few hints how to keep your media stored until you get ready to convert them.

Storing your media under the proper conditions will reduce deterioration of your items. All of your media should be stored in a clean, cool, dark environment. Avoid heat, humidity and light as these will deteriorate your media formats a lot quicker and will make them unviewable.

Great Places in your home to Store your Media:
Closets are low in humidity, have stable temperature, and have virtually no light. IMG_5186

Under a bed will always be dark and cool.

Laundry Room or other small spaces used to store household chemicals.
are not climate controlled and temperatures tend to fluctuate all day long.
Garage the garage tends to be dirty and has an unregulated temperature also. In addition, automobile exhaust and lawn chemical and fertilizer stored in the garage can create a hazardous atmosphere for media.
Stereo Speakers or Televisions Video and audio tape are recorded on magnetic tape so they need to be kept away from all magnetic sources.

I hope these hints are helpful until you get a chance to convert all of your memories.

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