Convert Videotape to DVD or Digital Files

Convert videotape to DVD or Digital file conversion with no special editing.

Video formats that can be converted:

  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • mini DV
  • SONY  handycam analog
  • SONY Hi, or Digital 8

 Basic Video Conversion Price List

Transfer to Digital File or DVD.
$ 25.00 per Video Hr
includes: DVD or Digital file. Does not include External Device.
If DVD ordered, Digital File of DVD
$ 15.00 per file
Duplicate DVD or CD 1 thru 9 copies

Add Music

$10 each

$15 per video
Extra Editing Time
Repair Tape
Rewind \ View only
$ 55 per hr
$ 25
$ 2.50 ea.
Flash or External Drive Price determined by size of files
From $15 to $75

All  DVD’s come with Black and White text description on Disk.

NOTE: If DVD’s are ordered and digital files are ordered extra the price of the files are $15 ea.   

Minimum Conversion Charge @ $30.00

NOTE: Due to age of Media we are not responsible if media breaks or is damaged. For a small charge we will however try to fix damage to complete project.

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