Convert Videotape to DVD or Digital Files

Convert videotape to DVD or Digital file conversion with no special editing.

Video formats that can be converted:

  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • mini DV
  • SONY  handycam analog
  • SONY Hi, or Digital 8

 Basic Video Conversion Price List

Transfer to Digital File or DVD.
Black and White text description on Disk
with paper DVD cover.
$ 25.00 per Video Hr
includes: DVD or Digital file. Does not include External Device.
If DVD ordered, Digital File of DVD
$ 15.00 per file
Custom Color Disk.
Add Music

$10 extra per each disk
$15 per video
Extra Editing Time
Repair Tape
Rewind \ View only
$ 55 per hr
$ 25
$ 2.50 ea.
DVD case with Printed Color Insert. Will hold up to 4 DVD's per case.$18 each
Duplicate DVD or CD to another DVD or CD - 1 thru 9 copies$10 each
Flash or External DrivePrice determined by size of files

All  DVD’s come with Black and White text description on Disk.

External drives supplied by the customer or MVS can supply at a nominal charge.
NOTE: If DVD’s are ordered and digital files are ordered extra the price of the files are $15 ea.    For special editing please see our Menu w/Scene Select Buttons sections.

Minimum Conversion Charge @ $30.00
Free Shipping on orders over $100.00

NOTE: Due to age of Media we are not responsible if media breaks or is damaged. For a small charge we will however try to fix damage to complete project.

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