Audio Records

Audio Records and Tapes

Do you have old vinyl audio records, Tapes or Cassettes that you cannot play anymore because the technology to play them is no longer with us?

Let us turn them into a digital file for you to either put on a CD or Flash Drive for playback in your computer, car, or CD/ DVD player in your home.Audio Tape

Do you have old business meetings recorded  from handheld cassette or digital recorders? We also can convert the audio from those players to digital file.

Price List for Audio Records and Tapes

Convert Record Albums to .wav file or CD. Includes CD and paper sleeve.

Convert Cassette Tapes to .wav file or CD. Includes CD with paper sleeve.
$15 per side

$15 per side or 45 mins
Flash drive to upload .wav files to $ 15ea

Minimum Conversion Charge @ $30.00

NOTE: Due to age of Media we are not responsible if media breaks or is damaged. We  will however try to fix damage to complete project.

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