Convert VHS to DVD with Menu Buttons

Do you have out of date VHS, Sony 8, or any other era video tape formats?  As time passes it is getting more difficult to view these movies, plus there is always the worry that the tape will break and your memories will be destroyed. Or perhaps you have viewed some of your old memories and discovered someone filmed all the fun and exciting activities along with unedited space from where “you know who” forgot to turn off the camera or left the lens cap on.

We can add a Title Menu with Scene Select buttons to the basic conversion and convert your video tape to a DVD with the use of a Menu with separate chapters to make viewing easy, fun, and enjoyable.
We can also edit out those extra minutes of the cap left on the lens, camera left on while walking, etc. to keep your video fun and exciting. Then we create chapters of various events, birthdays, vacations, Christmas, etc. Now we create Scene Selection buttons to give you the power to go straight to a particular section without having to fast forward or reverse, thus generating an enjoyable viewing experience for all.
In other words we do all the editing for you. We keep you updated with the editing process thru our cloud site for questions and answers. We have been doing this for 27 years so we have a handle on how all home movies fall together. All we need is names and years if possible, to go with faces, events, holidays , and vacations.

    • VHS
    • VHS-C
    • mini DV
    • SD
    • Micro SD
    • Flashdrive
    • SONY Handycam Analog
    • SONY Hi or Digital 8

Basic Converting Prices apply plus : see below

Transfer to Digital File or DVD.
$25.00 per Video Hr
$6.00 ea Scene Tab
Editing charge $55/hour


Please email or, or please call Bill @ 469 865 7666 for more information.

NOTE: Due to age of Media we are not responsible if media breaks or is damaged. We  will however try to fix damage to complete project.

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Minimum Conversion Charge @ $30.00