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We did quite a bit of research to decide where to entrust our family archives and couldn’t be happier. Thank you!!!!!
Bill is professional and friendly. He provided me with an excellent finished product.
Bill did a great job for us - we had tons of old VHS and 8MM archives and he has now converted about 1/2 of them for us - they are as good as they could possibly be w/ what he had to work w/ from us - we'll definitely use him for the next 1/2 - he's very flexible and will work w/ you!
The pictures are beautiful! I plan on giving them to my dad for Father’s Day on Sunday. I can’t wait to see his reaction!
Awesome job on converting old VHS, some from the 1980s with great quality. Also, great quality on Sony Hi-8 Videos.
The quality is great and the conversion was completed at a fair price. Thanks Mayrath Video Solutions! Jackie C.
Omgoodness I cannot say enough how pleased we were with the level of service and quality from this company!
Great service and right on time! I found the pricing fair and the videos were organized as promised. There was no degradation in the videos.
Awesome job done! Our kids really enjoyed all the memories. I will use them again
I LOVED the final version! I would use them again in a heartbeat! Thanks Bill & Mary!
He was very helpful and got the transfer done quickly. My family was able to enjoy those Easter memories on Easter this year.
The service and product were excellent. Thanks Bill for doing a fantastic job of helping us preserve many precious memories!
Thanks to Mayrath Video Solutions, I could relive memories lost to me by the onward march of development.
Thanks to Bill’s ability to convert my old video tapes, I have memories of my family and I that will now last a lifetime...that I thought I would never be able to see again.
Very accommodating and quick turn-around time! Bill even offered to meet me at a location closer to my office for pick-up. Highly recommend!
I highly recommend Mayrath Video Solutions who just transferred hundreds of family photo slides into memories we can view and share with family.
I Highly recommend!! I had a box full of tiny VHS tapes full of home videos of my children & family.
It was of my father in law (who has passed) My wife and sisters-in-law were elated to have the new watchable version. Thanks again!
Mayrath Video Solutions provided the highest quality and care in converting our old photos to a digital format and a reasonable price.
Bill and his wife are great people and offer such a great service. They are really awesome!!
Bill did a great job converting my mother's precious memories into digital format! He did it on schedule and offered fair pricing.
Very reasonable price and fast turnaround. Good quality video conversion and cute dvd cover! Very happy and will be back.
Professional job and timely completion.
They were great! Special memories saved for all to enjoy.
He did exactly what he promised and I got to see all of my babies again after all these years!!!!! Thanks Bill!
Very accommodating, trustworthy and efficient! I wouldn't use anyone else to convert my old tapes!!
He is very accommodating, he'll pick up and deliver to your home and the product is as expected.
And once I surprised my family with the 204 - yes, 204 - home movie tapes that were all converted into digital files, they were pretty happy, too.
It was so good to see old family memories again. I can highly recommend Mayrath Solutions and will use their help again in the future.
Bill did an outstanding and timely job of converting my 8mm tapes to DVDs and flash drives. Better than Netflix!
Mayrath Video Solutions is great because they're detailed, prompt, and most of all...they're super friendly.
I LOVED being able to TRUST Bill with my BIG box of videos holding some very precious memories... THANK YOU Bill!!!!!
Mayrath Video Solutions is a tremendous resource for us. All these memories were trapped and unseen by our daughters--until Bill came along.
Bill & Mary at Mayrath are awesome! Needed some old VHS tapes converted to DVD. And exceeded my expectations.
Bill & Mary at Mayrath are awesome! Needed some old VHS tapes converted to DVD. And exceeded my expectations.
Mayrath Video Solutions made this process so easy! (VHS.. what's that, Mom?) Highly recommend...
He saved me hours of reviewing the slides beforehand and with just a simple instruction gave me a superb job.
Such a joy to know!
I love that I gave Bill all my VHS"s and he put them all on DVD and Flash drive so I can enjoy my kids young years, my wedding and even when my parents were dating!
Mayrath Video Solutions turned my old photos and vhs into digital masterpieces that I can access via my phone.
Fantastic job!! Thank you so much!!
The Mayraths provide excellent service! They are very patient and very much want to meet your needs. Thank you, Mayraths!
Bill was great to work with! I was able to drop off videos after work and pick up my digital videos just a few days later. Thanks Bill!
The Mayraths did a fantastic job of converting some old slides I had (over 40 years old) to digital photos. Thank you!
Bill did a great job. I was very happy to preserve my high school and college videos. Highly recommend.
Outstanding job on a rush order. Highly recommend his service!
Bill did a great job with my video to digital transfer. He even recommended a couple of potential business connections for me.
He supplied his own thumb drive and had my order completed several days earlier than anticipated.
Highly recommend and very helpful to get your videos converted”
They did a fantastic job of converting my slides to a flash drive. It was great to be able to see these memories.
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Thanks so much to you and Mary for the awesome job you did turning our old slides into a video. Everybody in the family loves it!   Denise

4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. It was so fun hearing my now 34 year old’s voice when she was 6. Thank you Bill for making these memories so real!

  2. How exciting to be able to view videos of years past that were a vague memory until we had Bill convert our Super 8’s to a digital format. The kids really enjoyed watching themselves when they were young!
    Thank you Bill! Would highly recommend his work!

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