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Bill put 10 boxes of slides onto 1 CD so we can view them again after many years and they look fabulous! Very reasonable, fast, efficient, and great customer...
Bill and Mary, did an excellent job. They have transferred VHS video for me to DVD, produce special videos with my photos and scanned hundreds of photo for...
Best money I've spent in a long time. There are so many memories that Mayrath Solutions brought back to me. The term "Priceless" could not be more...
Thank you Bill for the terrific service and advice in helping me with my video collection. For the longest time I had those videos and did not know how to...
I had several old camcorder and VHS tapes converted to DVD. They did a great job!
As we are cleaning out our home for a remodel and simplifying as much as possible, I asked to Mayrath Video Solutions to convert a BUNCH of our old VHS tapes...
We used Mayrath Video Solutions to transfer our mini DV's to DVD and are extremely pleased with the result. Bill exceeded our expectations by providing...
Such a great job and easy process. They beautifully transferred some of our most precious memories from VHS tapes to DVD and digital copies!! We are so...
Top notch service. After learning of him through another vendor who could not supply my wishes, I was more than happy to end up with Bill on the other side...
Mayrath video did an excellent job converting our video's. We had many many old tapes that we bagged up and handed over to them!! I have been procrastinating...
Mayrath Video did great work for myself and a family member. We converted many older model video tapes to DVD. The customer service was wonderful and we...
Did a great job converting VHS tapes to digital format for me. Very responsive and very timely.
Mayrath Video Solutions did an excellent job. I had an old VCR tape that had already been converted to VCR from an older recording dating back to the early...
Shout out to Mayrath Video Solutions. Awesome job on converting some really old VHS to DVDs and digital files. They came out great! Thanks so much.
Mayrath Video Solutions did a more than excellent job in bringing back my wedding memories! I had VHS tapes (that had been in the attic for many years)...
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Thanks so much to you and Mary for the awesome job you did turning our old slides into a video. Everybody in the family loves it!   Denise

9 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. It was so fun hearing my now 34 year old’s voice when she was 6. Thank you Bill for making these memories so real!

  2. How exciting to be able to view videos of years past that were a vague memory until we had Bill convert our Super 8’s to a digital format. The kids really enjoyed watching themselves when they were young!
    Thank you Bill! Would highly recommend his work!

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